Teeth in a day, is it possible?

Teeth in a day, is it possible?

Living without teeth for a long period negatively affects your chewing ability, facial structure, and speech considerably.

Teeth in a Day: What is it?

A novel dental implant-supported denture procedure is called Teeth in a Day. Rather than going through a long process of having to remove teeth, place dental implants, design the denture, and then install the denture over several months, teeth in a day streamlines the procedure.

Instead of placing implants and having patients go months without teeth, a conventional removable denture or an immediate load implant-retained removable denture is inserted in place. Before we permanently attach the denture, you’ll typically need to have it modified or changed after your smile has healed completely.

Teeth in a Day: Who can be a candidate?

Teeth in a day is an excellent treatment option for individuals who have lost all their teeth or who will soon have their teeth taken out. With these procedures, healthy individuals who decide to move forward right away after losing a tooth will have the best success rates.

How do teeth in a day work?

Where the standard implant procedure takes anywhere between 4-9 months to complete, teeth in a day can provide you with all of your dental needs by the time you’re prepared to leave our office.

Our team will start by taking pictures. To determine where to place the implants, our staff will first take a high-resolution CT scan of your jawbone anatomy. We’ll start the teeth-in-a-day procedure as soon as we receive your initial, interim repair. At your appointment, any teeth that are damaged are extracted. Following that, we position the temporary restoration and put the dental implant posts. Once the final restoration is ready, your Delaware periodontist will remove the initial restoration and fix your final denture to the dental implants. This completes your entire dental implant treatment at Wilmington Periodontics and Implants.

After your implants have healed in 2-4 months, we will call you in to place abutments, and the attachment pieces, and take impressions for your final restoration or modify your temporary denture to be attached to the posts of the implant.

We specialize in this treatment and our periodontists are careful with the esthetics of the gums surrounding the implant. Please check our before and after implant case pictures. At Wilmington Periodontics our highly skilled experts are ready to assist you in exploring feasible reconstructive choices. Your Delaware periodontist, Dr.Javier Sanz, provides Teeth in a Day to help you have your full, confident smile back in a flash.

If you have any questions for our staff or if you’re ready to set up your first appointment, please get in touch with us right away here in Delaware, Wilmington.

After assessing your smile, we will discuss all of your tooth replacement alternatives with you, and assist you in choosing the best treatment for your particular oral health requirements.

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