Bone Grafts Cases

Bone graft is a procedure that replaces and regenerates lost bone. The most common type of bone graft procedures include the use of human bone that originates to mineral power which is then  processed in tissue banks to insure the highest safety standards to prevent the transmission of any disease or infection to the recipient. Other type of bone grafts are xenografts, from animal, and  alloplast ( synthetic graft).

Ridge Preservation

A ridge preservation bone graft can be done at the time of the extraction. Periodontal grafting is needed when there is damage to a tooth or implant due to periodontitis or infection to repair it.

Case 1

Ridge preservation on upper left canine.

Tooth had to be extracted due a non restorable decay. An extraction and a ridge preservation was performed to preserve the esthetics. A bridge and veneers were placed after 4 months.

Case 2

Socket preservation of upper left central incisor.

Extraction and ridge preservation same day. Minimal gum shrinkage seen.

Bone graft at time of Implant Placement

Case 1

“Gummy smile”due to altered passive eruption.

Note excessive gum display on smiling, square shaped teeth and uneven gum heights. Crown lengthening on upper incisors was performed. The outcome resulted in balanced gum heights, rectangular type teeth and complete symmetry of gum margins.

Case 2

“Gummy smile” after braces.

It is common to have short teeth after orthodontic treatment. Teeth are nicely align after orthodontic treatment but crown lengthening is recommended to fully display a beautiful smile and to give the teeth an ideal size. Crown lengthening was performed on all upper teeth. This treatment resulted in an excellent outcome.

Sinus augmentation

Sinus grafting is needed when a back tooth is extracted and the root of the tooth was in the sinus, grafting is needed to support the future implant.

Case 1

Sinus augmentation via vertical approach.

Case 2

Sinus augmentation via vertical approach on the molar.
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