How does oral health affect mental health?

Recent studies have suggested a strong interaction between oral health and mental health. Your mental health affects the functioning of your whole body. It is often seen that people who are suffering from poor mental health often have poor oral health and vice versa. 

Poor oral hygiene can lead to dental cavities and gum diseases. It can further lead to bad breath and foul taste, which affects a person’s confidence and lead to greater anxiety. This can further prevent them from reaching out to the dentist as they tend to feel embarrassed, which worsens their mental health. 

Poor mental health can make it cripplingly difficult for a person to look after themselves. They may lose their appetite, which affects proper nutrition. Some may develop habits such as smoking or excessive drinking, which has a further negative impact. Constant low energy may also make performing regular tasks such as brushing and even having a bath difficult. 

This further promotes anxiety and depression. Mental health struggles are tightly looped, and one incidence triggers another, making the person feel trapped and helpless. 

If you or anyone you know is struggling with mental health, please know that it will get better. We urge you to come in for an appointment, even if it’s just to talk. Please reach out to mental health specialists and take it one day at a time. Fighting mental health battles is a long journey, and we at Wilmington Periodontics and Implants are here to help you. All you need to do is reach out and let us help you to a better oral as well as mental health. If you have any more questions, please reach out to us; our team is here to assist you. 

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