How Gum Disease affect your heart health?

Many studies have shown the connection between oral health and overall health. Oral diseases seem to influence systemic disorders and conditions and vice versa. It has been seen that people with diabetes tend to be more susceptible to gum diseases, and gum diseases can affect sugar levels in diabetic patients. Similarly, it has been found that there is a connection between gum diseases and heart health. 

For decades now, health scientists have been trying to find the exact link between gum diseases and cardiovascular health. The main culprit for gum diseases is plaque, a sticky, bacteria-laden film that accumulates on the surface of your teeth, in and around your gums. Similarly, plaque is also a cardiovascular disease-causing agent. This plaque is although different from the plaque, which leads to gum diseases. The plaque that causes heart health disorder is made up of fat, cholesterol, calcium, and other substances readily found in the blood. This fatty plaque builds up inside the arteries leading to atherosclerosis. This buildup restricts the amount of blood that flows through these arteries and can sometimes even dislodge, creating obstructions in the vessels. Atherosclerosis is known to be the hallmark of coronary artery diseases.

Dr. Sanz at Wilmington Periodontist and Implants explain how gum diseases can put people at risk of suffering from heart diseases. People with untreated gum diseases have two to three times higher risk of having a heart attack, stroke, and other morbid cardiovascular events. 

Gum diseases, also known as periodontal diseases, happen due to inflammation of the gums and increase the body’s inflammation burden. As seen with untreated periodontal diseases, long-term inflammatory processes in the body lead to chronic inflammation in the body, which is a fundamental contributor to many heart diseases, especially atherosclerosis. 

Dr. Sanz, a board-certified Delaware periodontist at Wilmington Periodontists and Implants, stresses the importance of maintaining proper gum health in patients with heart conditions. It has been seen that patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases tend to have better progression and reduced cost of heart treatment if their oral conditions are treated and brought under control. This provides hope to patients with heart conditions as well as doctors treating them. 

Getting proper treatment for gum diseases reduces the inflammatory burden on the body and gives it a chance to heal. Similarly, the absence of inflammatory processes lowers the risk of getting a heart attack or stroke. Therefore, it becomes vital that you opt for regular dental check-ups and treatments by a skilled periodontist near you to ensure that you stay at the top of your oral and overall health. 

Gum diseases can manifest as pain and bleeding from the gums. Apart from this, you may notice that your gums are swollen, red, and tender to touch. Advanced periodontal diseases can also lead to loose teeth and eventual teeth loss. If you are experiencing any symptoms of gum disease, it is recommended that you consult a gum specialist near you. You can schedule an appointment today with Dr. Sanz at Wilmington Periodontics and Implants to get your gum diseases in check. If you have any questions or would like to know more about our services, feel free to call us and put all your oral health worries aside. 

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