What are Dental Onlays?

Have you ever heard about dental onlays? If yes, then you are probably wondering what these are and where they are used. 

Dental onlays and inlays are indirect dental restorations and are used to restore teeth after the removal of dental decay. Indirect restorations are fabricated outside the mouth, thus so named. 

Dental onlays are used to restore wide dental cavities that involve one cusp (mounds) on the tooth. When a dental cavity is extensive, a straightforward filling cannot restore the tooth’s shape, size, and strength adequately, and a crown is too invasive a procedure to consider. In such situations, a dental onlay is advised. Similarly, an inlay is given when the cavity is large but does not involve the cusp of the tooth. 

The procedure for onlays and inlays in Wilmington

If our dentist deems you a candidate for onlays or inlays, they will first start by cleaning out your dental cavity. Next, they will use impression material or intraoral scanners to take an impression of your upper and lower jaw. This serves as a guide for the fabrication of your custom inlays and onlays. Following this, a temporary filling is placed to protect the tooth in the stopgap. In your next appointment, the onlay/inlay will be placed, and color and bite will be checked. If all is correct, your dentist will cement the onlay/inlay.

Onlays and inlays are made from composite resins, porcelain, and zirconia which ensures superior aesthetics and strength. These procedures are conservative in nature and ensure that the maximum amount of tooth is saved. These fillings can last for decades and can be easily repaired if the need arises. 

So, if you have a dental cavity that needs to be filled, schedule an appointment at Wilmington Periodontics and Implants today. If you have any more questions or would like to know more about our services, please reach out to us. Our team of excellent dental professionals is here to assist you. 

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