What is an Overdenture?

Overdenture is a newer modality of teeth replacement for patients who are missing all their teeth. You may be aware of traditional dentures that are designed according to the shape of your jawbone and adhere to them via physical retention forces. However, these dentures do not fit as well, have the tendency to dislodge and move, restrict food choices, and also do not stop the process of bone loss. Traditional dentures also have to be replaced every 2-3 years as they tend to loosen and lose their grip. 

Owing to this, overdentures were introduced. Overdentures take the support of dental implants. 4 or 6 dental implants, depending upon individual cases, are placed in each jaw which forms a foundation for overdentures. 

The first step is surgery, where implants will be placed in precise locations. Once they integrate with the jawbone, they form a firm foundation. Next, dentures are designed with special attachments. Dental implants that were previously placed also will be fitted with appropriate attachments that will adhere to the ones placed on the dentures. These attachments will help the overdenture snap onto the implant, thus providing a firm attachment between the two. Overdentures can be removed for cleaning and oral hygiene maintenance. 

Benefits of Overdentures

  • They are supported by dental implants and thus have a firm foundation. 
  • Overdentures will stay intact while you eat or speak.
  • Dental implants will stop the process of bone loss, thus maintaining facial proportions. 
  • Overdentures will complete your smile and establish proper facial height, thus giving you a youthful appearance. 
  • No dietary restrictions. 
  • Improves speech. 
  • One-time investment. 
  • Easy to maintain. 

If you are looking for a permanent and solid teeth replacement solution for all your missing teeth, then schedule an appointment with us at Wilmington Periodontics and Implants today. Our team of dental experts is here to assist you with a complete and healthy smile. 

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