How long does it take to recover from gingivectomy?

Dental treatments are always very patient friendly and quick recovering. Like all dental procedures, gingivectomy also gives patients a better outcomes and its healing period is also short that is around a week. As soon your periodontist has undergone your gingivectomy procedure, you can go home without being bed ridden for days.

What steps you have to follow for proper healing after gingivectomy?

Some painkillers are advised after gingivectomy as your periodontist applies a local numbing injection that lasts for few hours, you can feel pain for some initial days because of the free nerve endings after surgery that will heal in a week.
You will have to change the bandages for few days until the bleeding stops completely
Eating soft foods and avoiding hot drinks such as warm coffee, tea etc.
Lukewarm salt water rinses are advised as they cleanse the food particles along with bacteria and help in preventing infections.

How do I know if I need a Gingivectomy?

Every dental procedure is always recommended by your professional dentist. A periodontist is a specialised for treating gums problems. Your periodontist can recommend and advise if you need a gingivectomy procedure for your gums. Gingivectomy is often done for excessive growth of gums in which gums cover more part of tooth surface that looks aesthetically unpleasant and the better health of your gums if they are undergoing any infection such as severe gingivitis, periodontitis, in that case the excessive and diseased gum tissues are removed. Dr Sanz at Wilmington Periodontics and Implants can evaluate the condition of your gums and advise the procedure accordingly. She can recreate your beautiful smile by using latest technology for gingivectomy.

For appointment:

You don’t need a referral for appointment at Wilmington Periodontics and Implants, you can book your appointment today for the evaluation of your gums and get a consultation from Dr Sanz that whether your gums require gingivectomy procedure.

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