How long do dental implants last?

Nowadays dental implants are becoming the most reliable and durable option for the restoration of your missing teeth. The technology has grown to such an extent that it has provided humans with a very close replica of their natural teeth. 

The structure of the dental implant is all about its strength and durability, these two characteristics are the main reason behind any tooth restoration to last for a long time. The dental implant is composed of titanium metal that is a durable post that serves as an artificial root of your tooth that is embedded in your bone and a crown that covers the visible portion of your tooth.

Once the titanium post is placed surgically in your jaw bone, it will fuse with your natural bone and heal fully without any adverse reactions because the post is biocompatible. The titanium posts that were placed decades ago are still functioning and the patients are more than satisfied with them.

The crowns that replace the visible portions of your tooth are made up of porcelain or zirconium. If cared for well, they last for a good 10-20 years. Zirconium gives the best aesthetics and gives the exact copy of your natural tooth, furthermore, replacement of your crown is an easy and painless procedure and it will only be replaced when it is needed. 

Everything demands care. Even your natural teeth also demand good oral hygiene for their proper functioning. Dental implants do not promise their durability in case you don’t take proper care of them. In case of any mouth disease, trauma, or malocclusion, the durability of the implants can get a downfall. 

You can get your appointment at Wilmington periodontics and Implants with Dr. Javier Sanz for consultation of replacement of your natural teeth with implants, he will thoroughly examine your oral status and give you the best advice if you are the appropriate candidate for a dental implant. 

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