What is Guided tissue regeneration?

What is Guided tissue regeneration?

A synthetic membrane serves as a barrier in GTR, an advanced treatment. When a barrier is used, only newly forming tissues and bone can enter the area; any undesirable fast-growing tissues are prevented from migrating to the tooth and underlying bone.

What is GTR used for?

It’s critical to keep gum tissue distinct from locations where bone should be growing since bone and gum tissue develop at different rates. Because of this, guided tissue regeneration uses a collagen barrier to keep the gum from shifting in the space between the bone and tooth, allowing new bone to develop without interference and providing stability for the tooth.

How is it carried out?

The tooth region and gum tissue are surgically separated to thoroughly clean the surface and eliminate any contaminated spots. To stop the gum from shifting and to keep the unwelcome tissue out of the way, a small GTR membrane is positioned up against the tooth or over the bone. After that, the gum is stitched back into place to recover and the membrane is gradually absorbed and destroyed by the body as the healing process progresses.

Applications of GTR

Several dental issues can benefit from this form of care, but periodontal disease is the condition it’s most frequently used to treat. Gums that have advanced periodontal disease peel away from the teeth, creating pockets that can collect germs and become infected. The conventional course of treatment included removing the gum tissue and reshaping the exposed bone and roots.

The loss of bone would cause the teeth to appear longer, but they would also be more susceptible to weakening and instability. GTR, on the other hand, successfully restores the bone while stabilizing the teeth.

What kind of treatment can you expect?

After the procedure, you should start to feel better in six to eight weeks, but it’s important to preserve the area because recovery might take up to six months. Any bone that has been lost will be replaced at that period, and tissue should grow back to stabilize the tooth. To ensure that the tissues can recover adequately surrounding the tooth, it is essential to practice good oral hygiene.

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