Why are wisdom teeth removed?

Have you been told your wisdom teeth need to be removed? If yes, then you may be wondering why?

Wisdom teeth, better known as third molars by dentists, are the large back teeth and the last teeth to erupt in the oral cavity. Unfortunately, third molars tend to erupt at unusual angles. At times, they may not erupt at all due to a lack of space in the mouth and becomes embedded in the jaw bone beneath the gums. In such situations, wisdom teeth have to be removed to resolve pain and discomfort. 

The location and unusual eruption pattern of wisdom teeth favor plaque accumulation, making these teeth susceptible to dental cavities and gum diseases. Once affected with dental cavities, wisdom teeth have to be extracted as no preventive treatments can be performed. Similarly, when gum tissues around the third molars get inflamed, it causes pericoronitis, a gum tissue infection that mandates third molar removal. 

Third molars happen to be the most common teeth associated with oral pathologies such as cysts, and in such situations, they have to be removed along with the cyst. 

In some cases of orthodontic misalignments, third molars tend to be embedded and have to be extracted for therapeutic purposes to create space in the mouth for proper alignment. 

Embedded or partially erupted wisdom teeth may exert undue forces on the remaining natural teeth, especially the second molar, leading to pain and affecting oral harmony. It also creates a niche that harbors bacteria and tends to infect even the second molar. In such cases, third molars are removed to reestablish oral harmony, eliminate pain and save the healthy second molar from being removed. 

Third molars can be a source of great pain and nuisance, especially when infected. If you are advised of third molar surgery in Delaware, it would be ideal not to delay the treatment, leading to further complications. If you have any more questions or would like to schedule an appointment at Wilmington Periodontics and Implants. Our team of dental professionals is here to assist you. 

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